Marco Paoletti - Maggler
Featured Juggling


Russian Technique

Marco was student of Sergei Ignatov and is qualified to teach Russian Technique in ball and ring juggling. This technique is based on repetition of basic patterns, and understanding juggling technique (plasticity) for pirouettes and number juggling.

(all levels and circus schools)

Research & Laboratory

Clinics and research in new objects, new ways of juggling and collaborative juggling. Help the different ways on how to research and create new and contemporary juggling. Explanation and history of juggling to make a better understanding on new ways how to create new ideas.

(intermediate, advanced and circus schools)


Approach and creation with an object (balls, rings, clubs and ordinary objects). The main goal of this workshop is to explain the tools to create a personal research with an object. How to think creatively and new juggling without the need of a strong technique.

(all levels and circus schools)


Technique on how to manipulate different types of objects without toss juggling. Modern way of juggling less amount of objects in relation with body and movement. Studing the properties of each object to find new ways on how to manipulate them to make creative juggling and personal research.

(all levels and circus schools)


Musicians have partiture to read music and jugglers have a notation called siteswaps. Explanation of the theory and practice. Every juggling trick can be written in a siteswap and create different juggling patterns that look visually different for research and performance.

(intermediate, advance and circus schools)

Movement & Juggling

Thinking juggling related to movement. Notion of space (division, inner and outer space), creation, trick, combination and sequence to "dance with objects" making juggling a more dynamic and less static discipline.

(intermediate, advanced and circus schools)


How to perform juggling. The relationship between the performer, the objects and the audience. Stage presence, mise en scene, give a reason for movements, breathing and harmony of a modern juggling act. Notion of start, middle and end.

(intermediate, advanced and circus schools)

Jamming & Partner Juggling

As jazz musicians jam, jugglers can also jam. Notions of modern dance exercises related to partner juggling. What to do when you drop, relationship between objects and partner juggling related to music. Non static and improvisation juggling.

(intermediate, advanced and circus schools)