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Marco Paoletti
Marco Paoletti

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Marco has created and performed in many stages and different scenarios around the world. His interest is in the pure exchange of emotions between the audience and the performer. What we present on stage and how we do it if its expressive is what matters when we define art.

My personal interest is to create happenings with circus and blend it with other arts to come back to a basic and raw form of sharing where the artist and the audience breath at once in an intimate communion in a certain place in a certain time anywhere in the world.

What we present on stage is the tip of the iceberg of what happens in a creation. The process has so many possibilities and is the human interactions that have a value beyond the stage.


Marco Paoletti

Marco Paoletti

Marco was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1980 and was raised between the city and the farm. He studied philosophy at the university of Buenos Aires till 2004. He was a recognized athlete in rugby, soccer and ski. Throughout his studies and sports, he was devoted to his passion for juggling as a way of understanding the connection between the body and the mind. In 2005, he left Argentina and relocated in Berlin to continue his development as a juggler. Since then, he has traveled to more than 50 countries around the world as a performer and as a teacher. In England, he won third place at the World Juggling Federation in 2006. Then created two variety acts "Meros Manotasos" and "Bounce" which were performed at Chamäeleon Varieté and GOP (Germany), dinner shows like Stille Kracht (Switzerland) and galas for Caterpilar, BMW, Adidas, TK and many others. In 2008, he created his 1 hour solo show called "12 pieces of Stuff" that was presented in Germany, USA, Brasil, Holland, France, Poland, Czeck Republic, Uruguay and Argentina. Marco’s approach to Cyr wheel is similar to his approach to juggling. For nearly three years, the wheel has been for him another object of manipulation. In 2011 he co-founded ReCircle Collective to do site-specific creations to blend different arts and new ideas and do reserach as a choreographer and artistic director. Since 2012 he has joined the company Finzi Pasca for their latest creation "La Verita" as a juggler and Cyr wheel artist. In 2014 in the opening ceremony of the Paraolimpic Games in Sochi he was assistant director and performer.

His actual reserach and focus is in creating new ideas and propositions on how to create a "circle" between the audience and the artist.

"The condition of possibility of creativity is the structure, because creativity is breaking that structure."

Knowledge, structure and freedom

My goal as a teacher is to give knowledge, structure and freedom. Without technique and hard work progress is very slow. Understanding your juggling, yourself and your body is the only way to improve and amaze yourself.

Marco has been teaching juggling and cyr wheel in circus schools, juggling conventions, companies and festivals to beginners, intermediate and advanced jugglers, kids, circus artists, dancers and actors for the last 10 years. The workshops can be from different length from 2 hours to 1 month masterclass.


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